Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am slowly losing my mind...

All this heat plus all this hate...WN folk sure are creative...this is sort of genius but maybe that's because my ear is sunburnt and I haven't slept. My brain hurts from sopping up all this hate.

(Found here)

New theme eateries to open across U.S.

Hitler's Road House Grille

A restaurant where you orders are filled promptly and our orders are
obeyed without question.

Five theme dining rooms in each location. Here are just two:

Walls and ceilings covered completely with "official" shoes from the
"Good old Days." Lampshades made from tattooed human skin and plush
carpeting woven from captured human hair.

REMINESENCE ROOM (light eaters only)
For old time and young [in training] survivors. Decor will vary
depending on location. Featuring favorite recipes from the camps,
like sawdust soup and Himmler ham hocks w/mustard GRYNSpan.

An example of burgers, appetizers, sides and entrees:

BrisBurger - a favorite of Rabbis worldwide.

Illya Ehrenburger - over 2,496 versions to choose from.

Sara Salzman Burger -3.5 kg ground meat w/1 kg slab of cheese
[eat like there's no tomorrow. Its so big, the bun is lovingly bound
to the burger with ropes.]

Sonderkommando hand sandwich - served with one cigarette and limburger
cheese. [must be eaten with gas mask on]

Einsatzgrouper sandwich.

Hitler's BBQ Ribs - Diesel Smoked(tm).
[Heaping plate of rib bones w/gristle (meatless)]

Der Fuhrer's Frankfurter w/Yehuda Bauerkraut.

Bucket-o-frog legs served w/ Filip Muller's dipping sauce.
[So fresh the bucket will hop around your table]

IMT-Bone [where's the beef?]

The Chef gives Special Treatment to these Favorites:

Fettuccini Adolpho
Turkey Terezini
Blackened Gefilte Fish
Westerbork Trout
Pressac Duck w/Irma Grese Glaze
Janowski Jambalaya
Dr. Gassen Burnham's Famous Bergen-Belsen (No Gas) Beans
Pork LoMein Kampf w/fried lice
Lobster Nuremberg
Duck w/Oranienburg sauce


Strurhof Strudel
Sobibor Sorbet
Treblinka Truffles
Bimko Blintz (stuffed full of _ _ it)

Oysters on the mach schnell
Eva Prawn cocktail
French Fried foreskins
Mengele's surgeon sturgeon caviar (twin size order)

All salads made with iced Hilberg lettuce and 1,000 yr Reichland

Soup Nazi(tm) take out favorites:

Gestapo Gazpacho
Crema Mushroom Soup
Goebels Goober Soup (nuts crushed)
Bischoff's Broccoli

Note: All steaks and chops are grilled over our deep pit BBQ and are
basted with their own flaming juices dipped from the pit. Due to this
cooking method, 'well done' is not available. All orders will be black
on the outside and red on the inside.


brendan donnelly said...

you're now on a watch list. no lie. this is what happens when you cruise these sites.

i'm in cool and breezy SF

Beverly said...

yeah, but i'm jewish! i'm doing "research" right? seriously, the cia will think i'm boring. eh...this is my verious of living dangerously.

mary said...

shit! does that mean i'm on a watch list too cause i read your blog and clicked the links? godammit, bev.

l b said...

this seems so fictional. what is all this research for, bev?

Beverly said...

i was curious as to some habits of WN's...i'll get into it more later.