Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shit List Continued

Thought of a few more:

- I hate people who post blogs or update profiles with funny things they've said via IM or text message to their friends. It's so self-indulgent. Congratulations - you and your friends rule! Wow, you really got the point across. In fact in case I ever doubted how cool you were here are your personal IM conversations you had with one another plastered across the public spectrum of the internet because that funny thing you said to Ronnie about cats isn't really funny until you been congratulated for it by innumerable blog comments or MySpace accolades. Wow. Great. Okay, so blogging in inherently self-indulgent and any personal blog is a plea for acceptance from the greater population, but at least try to be creative and just slightly humble.

- I hate when people pronounce foreign words with the accent of the country of origin. Do French people say "McDonalds" with an American accent? No.

- I hate how trendy it is to be a cat person right now. Who the fuck decided cats were amazing? Jesse Pearson? Max Wowch? I am not sure. Yeah, cats have the potential to be hilarious but so does the rest of the animal kingdom. When are ducks going to get their due? Seriously, I could look at ducks and laugh for hours.

-I hate anything that can be described as "quirky".

-I hate yoga pants and those who wear them as real pants.

-I hate it when people confuse exercise fads with lifestyles.

-I hate half-assed veganism...that's like saying you are straightedge if you only drink once a week.

-I hate the public's obsession with Amy Winehouse. Junkie's are boring and scabby. Next!

-I hate it when comedians are unfunny aka Jimmy Fallon and Dane Cook. Just because you are semi-good-looking and yell a lot doesn't mean I should laugh. Unless I am making fun of you.


jennay said...

i hate this shit list, because it obviously reveals how much you really hate yourself.

Beverly said...

Did you not read the previous post? Self-hating hater. You are breaking my heart.

brendan donnelly said...

so true. sooo true. blog texts are the worst!
your lists are really starting to amaze me. welcome to the club.

i think you, carlen and i hate just about everything you can imagine, i even hate myself, i dont give a shit to say it. everyone should hate parts of themselves (and not their kankles or sabblebags)

also, in regards to the mcdonalds bit, i really hate when people have to correct you or make a conscious effort to pronounce CHILE correctly.
CH-EEE-LEY....rrrrggggg so f'n annoying.

ps cats are fucking gross and for mother boys