Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Law and Disorder...

On an unrelated topic, during my search for Hammerskin tattoos I found this:

Nice to see a well-armed Jew

Law & Disorder is the brainchild of host Ken Goldberg.

Don't let the fact that Ken himself was the source of this adjudication and designation bother you. Instead, just suspend reality and listen in as an aging hippie - turned - lawyer makes Eminem sound like a choirboy. Having been temporarily incarcerated on occasion for lapses of judgment has made Ken a sensitive guy. He is a tree hugger and he is only interested in hunting 2-legged prey that is well armed and hunting him.

Our host originates from Chicago where he was declared brain dead at age 15 while he was attempting to set world records for recreational drug use. While he preaches sobriety he encourages the personal freedom to self-destruct at your own hands by whatever means available including any chemicals, whether found in nature, or manufactured in a laboratory.

The main objective of the show is to provide information and stimulate discussion on subjects that the mainstream media refuses to discuss seriously. The media won't dare tackle the issues of legitimate self-defense for fear of being bombarded by anti-gun zealots. You won't find another talk show host who points out that our drug, gun, and sex laws are wrongfully demonizing and criminalizing so many people.

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