Thursday, May 1, 2008

My claim to fame aka The one rule about Sitemeter...

So after installing it wrong and getting daily reports that not one person had looked at my finally correctly configured sitemeter and starting tracking you all. The only thing I am looking for is funny referral clicks. Roughly one in ten referrals came from this link

After some investigating I realized that my blog has hit the big time. When one does a google image search for the word "bongs" this picture of dear Glen and Mean Green shows up on page three of the I thought people were actually reading this. God, I hope no one blogged an image from my blog...eew...weird...

Actually this link extends across language barriers and actually brought me a view from Belgium.

The other most popular hit from a google image search is this which has brought in page view from Hungary, Egypt, Brazil, and Norway (although the last makes perfect sence) is a found image I posted that shows up first if one searches the phrase "black metal watercolor":

It's a watercolor some kid (?) did of Dead from Mayhem after he blew his brains out. I've been obsessed with it for years.

p.s. I know that sitemeter is some weird dirty secret amongst bloggers, but come on. I am basically asking you to watch me by having a blog. I should get to watch you back. And besides, the fact that anyone who doesn't know me actually looks at this...ever...blows my mind sometimes.

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