Monday, May 5, 2008

Assholes and Cute Girls

Much like Dudes and Bongs and Dudes and Machetes and Dudes and Ponies that came before I present a new series birthed last night at the last Tommy Gunz show at Lulu's aka the end of a glorious era during which we bled yet another bar dry:

Assholes and Cute girls

Cute Girls and Assholes
Jason and Cassie

Cute Girls and Assholes
Glen and Melissa

Cute Girls and Assholes
Brandi and...okay I don't even know this guy but he kind of looks like an asshole. He wasn't too offended when I informed him he was part of the series, I mean he's friends with these guys so I just figured.

And the winner of the evening...the man who started it all:
Cute Girls and Assholes
Rich and some girl whose name I never caught.


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

The dude-you-don't-know's name is Steve. He's not a total asshole. I'd say just as much as the rest of 'em. I think they are all sheep in asshole's clothing, rather than the other way around, if ya know what i mean.

Beverly said...

Well none of them are actually total assholes, I wouldn't be friends with TOTAL assholes. Sheep in asshole's clothing is an astute observation. I just like validating their faux assholeness because obvs I love all my dudes.

Rich said...

I love sheep assholes!