Friday, May 23, 2008

So I was googling "punk flute"

I can't for the life of me remember the name of that hardcore band with a flute and a female vocalist from the late 90s. I was trying to make a joke about them last night but the name totally escapes me. I think their name has two works but I could be totally off. It always used to piss me off because I thought they were terrible but everyone I knew liked them so much and always made suggestions about them to me because I was a girl, liked heavy music, and played the flute.

Anyway, in my search I found this amazing blog entry...

"I know Josh has his problems, and he does too much smack, and his punk flute band hasn’t taken off yet, but I believe in him. He’s an artist. He wouldn’t hit me if I weren’t important to him and his work."

This is amazing(ly terrible) on so many levels I don't know where to start.


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

is that real? seriously?

i think my fave part is a tie between her schedule consisting of weekly monday night threesomes and tuesday night yoga, and this group of sentences,

"I just don’t get it - I’m in a place where I’m paying $8 for a beer and they’re blasting the best trance music you’ve ever heard. Where are the cute normal boys?"

I can't figure out whether that's sarcasm-- or um..NOT?! i believe in MTV, so I'm leaning toward the latter. yoiks!

Anonymous said...

submission hold?

Beverly said...

that's it. i tracked down the name a few days ago through a friend. can't believe i forgot it.

TMK said...

yes, it is sarcasm. it paints a fine picture of women in DC, though.

Peter said...

i went to a submission hold show once where the lady lectured to the crowd about the revolutionary potential of garlic. grows easily, does the work of a host of harmful pharmaceuticals, makes food taste good, etc. fair play. i was sold. garlic is indeed awesome. THEN! this little anarchist elf roadie girl starts threading through the crowd with a big basket of garlic bulbs, placing one into the hand of every kid there. the woman from the band explained that she'd grown all of the garlic. um, thanks. it was really funny to see everybody chatting after the show respectfully holding their obviously unwanted garlic. i really wanted to throw mine, but i would've had to endure an excruciating browbeating. you remember the scene, right?