Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Earlier I posted that I made a new Muxtape. I really like what ML did over at The History of My Future explaining the songs on her autobiographical mix.

I didn't put nearly as much thought into mine. It was a dead-brained fevered sick mix, half heavy, all heady. Still, nerd that I am, I am excited about telling everyone about the origins of my nerding so here goes (unfortunately I am not so well coordinated as ML to have video linkage to songs like she does.)

1. Aguaturbia - Eres Tu. Weirdly discovered this band going through a series of MySpace links. Occasionally I'll start going through MySpace finding pages for old psych and prog bands I am a fan of. Those profiles, usually created by the record labels who reissue their albums or by die-hard fans, are usually linked with equally obscure and equally rocking bands and they can take you on an odyssey. I first heard Aguaturbia (a few others on this list) this way. Unintentionally goofy Chilean erotic psych? Why the hell not?

2. Dust - Suicide. Marky Ramone's old band, one of the great NY power trios, and a total scorcher. I'll always associate this band with my good friend Jake who is the biggest Dust fan I know. It makes me miss him a bunch. I listened to this album every time I went to the beach last summer, dozing off on the sands of Brighton Beach listening to this album, Hard Attack, from 1972. I always giggle when I get the mental image of the dude standing in the rain with his electric guitar.

3. Jerusalem - Kamikaze Moth. This is the bonus track of the reissue Jerusalem album. I spent weeks in vain trying to find this song because I kept spelling it "kamikazee moth". True fucking story. It's the best song on the album and not available on a lot of the editions. Super heavy, especially when considering the 1972 release date.

4. Sand - May Rain. Off the Ultrasonic Seraphim reissue. Most of the tracks on this album are too long to put on the Muxtape site and I don't expect anyone to sit through a fifteen minute long sound excursion, though they really should, static and intense electronic fuzz prog that brought me to near insanity when I was stranded at the gateway of the mohave desert for three days last summer. Another accidentally found band that totally rules my universe, from 1974.

5. Cirith Ungol - Better Off Dead. One of my all time favorite metal bands. Raw primitive grooves. Screechy vocals and total stalker beats. Frost and Fire, and the demo album are both essentials on my Ipod, I snuck this in off the 1979 demo release not the proper album so I could keep it in the decade.

6. Icecross - Jesus Freaks. 1973 Iceland prog metal band making fun of Jesus fans. Umm...it's how you say...irresistable!

7. High Tide - Rock Me On Your Wave. Live in studio jam from 1970 UK prog/art rock geniuses. Their catalogue is shockingly brutal given the time frame with violins and spooky soundscapes. A progressive band that actually sounds ahead of their time 38 years later.

8. Forest - Bluebell Dance. Pretty creepy 1970 tune from UK pagan-pop folk act. It's a solid album, only occasionally smirkable.

9. Gila - Sundance Chant. 1973 German progsters channeling the plight of the Native American? Sign me up. I'm a sucker.

10. Granicus - Bad Talk. Further proof that A. Cleveland rocked and B. 1973 was a good year for music.

11. Hand of Doom - There Ain't No Running Away. I always will be a sucker for a band that says their name over and over in their songs. German roots of metal from the awesomely named Poisonoise album. 1979, still barely in the decade. First heard this song on the LSD Connection Vol 8: Mushroom Metal comp which I highly reccomend. It's like my spirit album. Seriously.

12.Trees - The Garden of Jane Delawney. Discovered this gem along with the Forest track (yeah...I know...) on one of the Lamas Night Laments comps my old boss Adrian burned for me. Equally as beautiful and equally as eerie, these are two of my top favs in UK 70s folk. The lyrics are especially goth. 1970, same year as the Forest track.

Check it out, scrolling lyrics. High-tech! No idea how this song ended up on one of those weird lyric sites.

- Trees Lyrics


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i had a friend who would write explanations for every song she put on a mix. i always liked that, because you know every one of those tracks --whether sentimental or seething-- had more thought put into them than even the most nonchalant would like to admit.

*on the vids: sadly, it has less to do with coordination and more to with having way too much time on my hands.

Rory said...

I really liked this mix. I've been feeling a bit musically stagnant for a week or two, and the vibe sustained throughout these songs hit me right where I needed it. Garagey 70s psych-metal...why didn't I think of this before?