Friday, May 9, 2008

The other dorms

NY Times makes fun of the McKibben dorms

You know this shit is blowing up on Williamsboard (eewww)

I wonder if they'll ever write about my dorm. I guess no one has pissed directly on my door, only across from it and that person was a friend and I totally busted her too. She drunkenly called me a jerk when I offered her use of my bathroom. Oops. Sorry.

Although my new next door neighbors for some reason find it appropriate to perform tumbling rituals on the rooftop directly above my apartment at night and early in the morning (in the rain?)

I give them one week before they start hating me. Looks can be deceiving, I'm the least party-friendly occupant in the entire building.

Oh and people in McKibben watch tv. Trust me. They aren't artists, just scumbags. And if they don't have cable it's not because they are too good for it, just too broke.

Now if you could excuse me, my neighbor just started blasting Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" so loud I can sing along in my bedroom. I've got a door to pound on.

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