Friday, May 9, 2008

Only 85 More days...

This year I am saving up so I can buy (all wares actually sold at NY Ren Faire!)...

Skeleton hand pewter goblet:

Handmade booties perhaps?


Chainmail headband (convertible into necklace)

Chainmail belt (perfect for over those floorlength velvet LARP gowns)

And the essential "chainmail pouch/dice bag." Finally an in-character place to stash those pesky 12-sided die!

Or perhaps a custom Tracker jacket:

Or check out the details on this bitchin' ranger

Let's also stop by the booth of the legendary leathersmith Miles Tonne:

Perhaps a fully metal poncho?

Or this dreamy vest:

Channel your inner cavewoman for only $450!

And what lady doesn't want front-laced suede shorts?

On a related note, where do I meet these dudes?

Also, my Red Sonja fantasy can finally be lived!

Anyone looking to buy me presents please consult the above or go here:

Goddamnit, the performer auditions were last week! I really missed the boat.


brendan donnelly said...

im in. when is it?

Beverly said...

Season starts August 2nd, aka 85 days! I bet we can find another regional one earlier though.